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Reality Check #1: UMass Amherst - a state college - receives over 25,000 applications for 4,200 seats each year. The demand is far exceeding the supply at nearly every college everywhere. So getting into college is no longer about good grades and good test scores. Marketing is the most powerful advantage you can give your child, and you have only one chance to do it right.

Reality Check #2: Your student has to stand out from the crowd of applicants. And guidance counselors, teachers and parents have no expertise in marketing. The video to your left has our clients talking about what marketing did for their students.

Marketing expert, Paul Hemphill, offers college-bound students the following 10 advantages, which are NOT provided in this combination by any other pre-college professional consultant in the United States:

1. Foundation: an extensive personal assessment that defines the DNA of the student's personality in order to determine interests and needs for selecting a college major and career. As a result, many of Paul's students - with a simple but proven strategy - finish college in 3 or 3 1/2 years.

2. Branding: a custom-designed marketing campaign that gives your student a real edge. Paul uses his own proven stealth strategies to brand the student so that the student's identity is easily identifiable and "sellable." A totally ethical approach presents the student honestly and accurately and in a manner that's noticeable and attractive to any admissions office.

3. Published author: Paul guides your student on the ideal topics to write about in those all-important college admission essays.

4. His exclusive and copyrighted The College Reverse Interview© that's designed to have an admissions officer fight for your student at the time of decision. Guaranteed to make even the unmotivated student look appealing to any college. Paul's clients believe this item alone is well worth his fee.

5. When Paul begins to work with your student, his fee is good for the entire length of the relationship. Since he begins work only after the student has completed the sophomore year of high school, there are no deadlines, no cut-off points, and no hourly fees. Paul’s available seven days a week.

6. A mock interview with someone who, for the past 23 years, interviews undergraduate candidates for Harvard. This individual is one of Paul's clients.

7. Copy of Paul's ebook, How To Win The College Game. It’s the playbook you need to win a game that’s designed to beat you in the admissions and financial aid offices.

8. Copy of Paul's ebook, Why You're Already A Leader. A motivational book with over 200 life-lessons. Fast-read especially for students, mothers, and CEOs.

9. Paul is the nation's only college coach with expertise in the subject of leadership, the #1 attraction in college admission offices. Paul will show your student how to convince the admissions reader s/he is already a leader, even if there's no evidence on your student's high school record of what is traditionally considered "leadership."

10. Weekly subscription to Paul's Plan For College Videos, a 52-week series of videos on the easier ways to pay for college and the easier ways to get in.

Paul uses his own proven marketing techniques - just like the colleges use to sell their product to your student - to sell your student to the colleges. And he coaches your student through the entire process so that you don't have to pull out your hair.

In short, your anxiety, worry, and stress levels are dramatically reduced. Also, your relationship with your student is enhanced and the senior year is nourishing and productive – as it should be.

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The Financial Aid Mother Lode (yeah...we know what you're thinking, but hang in there)

Even if you don't qualify for financial aid, many colleges still require that you fill out the FAFSA or their own financial aid forms to apply for certain college scholarships, work study and the like.

We supervise and correct the mistakes you’re likely to make on these forms. And it's free of charge the 2nd time around.

If you do qualify for need-based aid (which means you really need help), we need to see the following before the colleges do: your savings, investments, retirement plans, income tax returns, and life insurance.

Why? To determine how they impact your financial aid possibilities.

This review will help us do some income planning & asset repositioning: we apply legal financial strategies that can reduce your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and max your eligibility for financial aid.

Cookie-cutter approaches are not used, such as only using home refinancing to pay for college. It's whatever fits your situation to maximize your aid possibilities.

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